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A delicious selection of fresh fruit sourced from New Forest Farmers. Enjoy the best of each season and stock up your kitchen with this tasty Fruit Box. Please note that produce will be seasonal and will vary from the image provided. Weight 8kg - 12kg. The basket is not included.
After 3 deliveries you will receive a 25% cashback from your first box to the payment card. Also 25% of each sale of the first box will be donated to COVID-19 NHS urgent appeal
  • Weekly Ongoing
    £21 Paid Weekly

    £21 per fruit box & free delivery

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      • Notified by Email when order has been dispatched
      • Deliveries between 7am and 9pm Monday - Saturday
      • 90% delivered by 5pm
    • Notified by Email when order has been dispatched
    • Deliveries between 7am and 9pm Monday - Saturday
    • 90% delivered by 5pm
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2. For every subscription* we will donate 25 percent of your first box on your behalf to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal

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3. After three deliveries (3 weeks) you will automatically receive 25 percent back on your payment method for the cost of your first box

When will I receive 25% Cashback on the first box?
What fresh produce will be included in my box?
How will the fruit or vegetables be delivered? Is the basket included?
Can I cancel or amend my subscription?
What happens if there is nobody at home?
Can I request certain fruit and vegetables are not included?

Your 25% cashback will be transferred to your payment method following the delivery of your third fruit or vegetable box. This will be processed at the end of each week and will reflect in your account in 3-5 working days. If you cancel before the third delivery, you will not receive the cashback.

Produce will be seasonal and vary week to week depending on what is available. Unfortunately, this means we cannot guarantee that the boxes will not contain allergens. They may have been packed in warehouses which also handle allergens such as milk, nuts, and eggs.
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