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Long Lasting Bouquets

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Long Lasting Flowers from Appleyard London

Our decadent long life flower bouquets are designed to last up to 2 weeks. With a long life bouquet, your gesture of goodwill becomes timeless because the flowers will last for such a long time, bringing joy to your recipient day after day after day.

Long life bouquets are the perfect way to avoid the disappointment you have when you buy a bunch of flowers and they die after only a few days. Although here at Appleyard that will never happen, as all of our flowers are covered by the Appleyard Guarantee which guarantees that your flowers will live for 7 days.

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However, if 7 days isn't long enough for you, then our long life bouquets are the perfect answer for you, as they will last 100% longer than our standard bouquets - a whole 14 days. That is two weeks of admiring flowers for your lucky recipient. Just imagine your flower gift proudly standing like a peacock in your loved ones home for 14 days.

Order a long life flower bouquet from Appleyard London today and choose next day flower delivery to ensure it gets there the next day.

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