Avant Garde

Delivery From 28th September
Avant Garde
Avant Garde Avant Garde Avant Garde Avant Garde
FROM £64.99

A modern grouped bouquet of purple vanda orchids, luxurious vermeer calla lilies with sweet avalanche roses and antique carnations, who could resist a stunning bouquet like this?

Vanda Orchids are placed in a hand-tied water phial, which allows them to stay hydrated with the other stems in the bouquet.

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Lux: 4x Vanda Orchid (In Water File), 6x Sweet Avalanche Rose, 3x Vermeer Calla Lily, 2x Green Bloom, 6x Antique Carnation, 8x Aspidistra Leaf, 5x Hard Ruscus

Grande: 7x Vanda Orchid (In Water File),11x Sweet Avalanche Rose, 5x Vermeer Calla Lily, 5x Green Bloom, 15x Antique Carnation, 15x Aspidistra Leaf, 10x Hard Ruscus

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All rose stem lengths are 40cm

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